How Aadhar Card Apply In Online

Aadhar card is a most important document for every Indian citizen here I show you step by step how to Aadhar card apply in online.

Adults and children both are eligible for Aadhar card apply online.

Aadhar Card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) it is a 12-digit number that is valid all over in India.

  1. First, visit the UIDAI official website, then click above my Aadhar and open a dropdown menu select book an appointment.
Aadhar Card Apply In Online

2. Next came lots of options go on the select city/location and choose your place, if you don’t find your city then go below proceed to book appointment

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

3. Then put a valid mobile number and below fills capture that shown in above after that click sends OTP.

Then a one-time password will come in your number put that on the right page and then click submit OTP & proceed.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

4. After that, you see two options one is New Enrolment, or another is update Aadhar here I show Aadhar card apply new therefore click on New Enrolment.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

5. Next, fill your details like name, age and gender. Enter that name; you have the document. If you do not have a document, you can Aadhar card apply in online, that I talk later.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

6. Here you select to have any document or not, left side I have a valid document and right side I want to enrol with my relatives Aadhaar. To proceed, select yourself that you want to continue.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

7. After that, a form will come here put all your correct details like your name, address and contact number and then click below the submit button.

Then come ‘Disclosure under section‘ tick it and click on Submit.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

8. Now you get your appointment ID to save it because it needs some time letter and then clicks on book appointment.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online

9. Lastly select your appointment date, which dates shown in green colour that date you can make an appointment for Aadhaar card apply in online

as well as you can also choose a time. Select your date that has in green and select your time, then click submit.

Aadhar Card Apply In Online
Aadhar Card Apply In Online

Now you have completed to Aadhar card apply online. Since then, this important document has reached millions of people across the country.

Aadhaar card is an essential document in India from which you can use it as your document in many places.

It is the world’s most extensive biometric ID system. Therefore, the Aadhar card is a very secure document.

Aadhar Card Correction New Rules – Aadhar Card reprint Here

Aadhar Card Safety Tips

  • Now you can lock your Aadhaar card biometric data; after that, no one can access your information. You can lock it whenever you want and also unlock

It’s very easy but most effective, because no one can get your Aadhar card information if you lock Aadhaar biometric.

  • If you ever want to update your Aadhaar card details, then update only at the official enrolment center or official website. Otherwise,

Your information may also go into the wrong people. You can find the official enrolment center information on visiting the UIDAI website.

  • If any person calls and asks for your Aadhaar number, do not give because the government does not ask for the Aadhaar number by call, mail or message, be careful about this kind of people.
  • Never share your Aadhaar card picture or your Aadhaar number on any social media. If you share, then your Aadhar card ricks will remain.
  • If you do small-small things like these, your Aadhaar information will never go into the wrong hands; your safety is in your own hands.

Aadhar Card Documents Required

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • Bank Pass Book
  • Birth Certificate
  • Government ID card
  • Insurance Policy

You need three things in the documents. Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and Proof Birth. All three elements can be possible in one document or different documents, above I give just some documents named.