What Is The Biodata Format For Job

Biodata is something that every new job applicant needs, according to her job requirement.

Here I show biodata format for job as well as how you can make at you home.

Biodata has a wide variety of formats, but the main thing in it is the same, According to your job requirement.

Because different people apply for different job posts, due to which your bio-data should also be in different formats

But the name, Educational Qualification, Family Name and Address remains the same.

Here I tell you one more thing, many places said that need a resume. who have applied for that job they need a resume

You don’t confuse into resume and biodata both same just two different names.

In this, you have to give your information. After that those people will decide whether you are eligible for that job or not, keep simple as possible then better for you.

Biodata Format For Job

  1. So first you have to write the ‘BIODATA’ on the capital letter. And make it bigger and keep it in the center.
Biodata Format For Job

2. Writing your full name which is in the certificate, you can also write your name in the capital letter but keep it in the normal font.

Biodata Format For Job

3. Put your Guardian’s name, such as the father-mother name. Normally people write to her father name. So, you write your father’s name. If you want You can enter both names.

Biodata Format For Job

4. Next, add your date of birth that have in your certificate or documents. If your date of birth is different in certificates

then you should enter the date of birth as per the requirements of the job.

Like many jobs would have mandatory Educational Qualification Certificate And many jobs requirement normal document, such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, you can put according to yours.

Biodata Format For Job

5. You can also enter your marital status below, but this is not mandatory in the biodata in many jobs. Because of which you may or may not. If there is a requirement in those jobs, you can enter.

Biodata Format For Job

6. After that, put your address you can add your both address if required if not then just put your present address with full information like state, district, pin code along with lane/house no if have.

Biodata Format For Job

7. And then add your religion and nationality. Religion means are you Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc and nationality your country name like Indian.

Biodata Format For Job

8. Here you can give your contact information, such as phone number, email ID etc, you can also give your other qualification information

according to the job requirement. Like basic of computer or have 3-year experience in your field.

Biodata Format For Job

9. At the end put your educational qualification according to requirement. If there is a requirement for graduation where you are applying, then you will have to enter 10th and 12th graduation details.

Here you do not need to give so much information. You should only give 4 things. For example, which exam passed

From which board and the passing year and how much percentage have you got. Here, you should enter only board exam details.

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If you want, you can give your educational qualification information in a table design. This will clearly show the and looks more professional on your biodata format for job.

Biodata Format For Job

On the right- side corner you can also add your recent photocopy if you want after print, you can. If you add your recent picture in your biodata then this biodata value will fall.

Biodata Format For Job

Keep your biodata simple and clean then you will get more value. Because it has taken only to know your main things. Don’t put unwanted things that not required.

In this way, you not only create a job bio. You can create any kind of resume and biodata in this way. But will have to change something,

Like in many biodatas educational qualification may not be required

So you do not have to give educational qualification to such biodata otherwise you can use it in other places by putting all the above information.

Here Is The Biodata Format For Job