How Complaint to State Bank of India Step By Step Process

If you are facing any kind of problem on your state bank and you try Complaint to State Bank of India

then here I will show you step by step process how to complain against your bank.

Most of people don’t know how to complain if have come any problem in her bank account, but lot of options are available for this.

I will show the all the process, whatever your problem is related to the bank, you can solve by complying with this process.

Complaint to State Bank of India

Here I will show you only about State Bank of India complaint process, but you can complain against any bank by this process if you have a complaint.

Complaint to State Bank of India

  1. If you have any complaint related to the State Bank, then first you have to meet the head of your bank branch like every bank has a manager, you have to write an application letter and complain to him first.

Keep in mind that keep a copy of that complain letter. These days, most banks the complaint are taken only through their computers.

So, you can also take the reference number of that Complaint.

So, that if they are not solving your problem, then you can go further with this number. If you keep a complimentary copy, you must take seal and signature from the bank.

Here I tell you if someone does not let you talk to the head of your bank branch. It is your right to talk to him without any hindrance if you have any complaint.

Even after talking to the head of your bank officer, your solution does not come out within the time given by him, then you can follow the further process.

You can also Complaint to State Bank of Indian online. Do this only when you will not be able to go to your bank. This kind of complaint much better to visit the bank.

Complaint to State Bank of India On Nodal Officer

2. Next step to complain State Bank of India Nodal Officer. These officers are bigger than the bank manager, you can search on Google for that.

Whatever your bank name is, write your bank name after that nodal officer.

Then you will get their information like here is the State Bank, you will write, State Bank of India Nodal Officer will get the information of the Nodal Officer in your area. You can talk to him by phone or contact via email.

Complaint to State Bank of India

Complaint on banking Ombudsman Against SBI

3. If your problem is not resolved here too, you can Complain on banking Ombudsman. Banking Ombudsman has a separate center.

They are officers of RBI (Reserve Bank of India), due to which they are considered more powerful to them. If you will Complain to them

they will definitely try to help you. These officers are not bank-wise, they are area wise.

Noted this, you do not directly Complain to the Ombudsman officers the way I am telling step by step. Similarly, you have to follow.

Like first to complain your bank manager then complain to Nodal Officer then you will complain to Ombudsman officer.

But as I said, you should have proof whenever you are compliant. Just like if you complain to your bank manager

Then you should have a reference number or copy of that complaint with a seal and signature, then you can proceed more until you are not got solution of problem

Complaint to State Bank of India On RBI

4. Even after that, if you do not get the solution, then you can directly complain to the RBI through online.

For this, you should have full proof like where your complaint earlier. You can see its full process here, how to do it.

And you have to go here to file the complaint; after that, you will get a tracking ID after the complaint, you can see what action is taken on your complaint by that track ID on online.

Here action will definitely be taken. Therefore, this step was taken by the RBI itself to help those who are struggling with the bank related problem.

Complaint to State Bank of India

Complaint to Consumer Forum For SBI

5. Still, if you have any complaint, then you can go one step further, for which you will have to complain directly on consumer Forum. Before complain in the Consumer Forum.

You can talk to them directly by calling. If you feel after talking to him to you complain then of this, you have to go to the official website.

Complaint to State Bank of India

Above these steps related to the bank complaint, 99% of your problem will be solved. But note that you do not hurry to complain.

Whatever time they give wait till that time, only then you keep moving forward.

After the five steps you will get your solution. Even most people will not have to come to on fourth steps. In the first or second steps, most people will get the solution.

SBI Saving Account Opening HERE

Any kind of problem-related to the bank like charging high-interest, ATM discrepancies, incorrect interest, not providing NOC,

Insurance policy given on Credit Cards without consent, miss behaviour, delay in sanction of loans etc. Follow these steps, you will definitely get the solution.

RBI neither Banks everyone wants their customers can’t get to any problem, but it is often seen that people have to face the problem.

They do not get any solution from their bank. Because of which they have to move forward.

But it only because of some staff. Because neither the RBI wants nor the bank want does it. So, who works in the bank.

They do not do their work well, due to which people have to face problems.


If you have any complaint related to the bank, then you can complain through this process, not only State Bank of India you can file a complaint through this process to any bank and you will definitely get a solution.

However, if there are any questions or queries, then you can tell by commenting in the comment box below. I will definitely be helped.