Difference Between Passport and Visa

Difference between passport and visa. Passport is a personal document and Visa is a permit when you travel to another country, it is a temporary permission.

By any reason, if you want to go foreign country then both are required but some country gives Visa-free or visa on arrival in that case, the visa is not required in that country only. Otherwise, you need to both.

difference between passport and visa

What is the difference between passport and visa?

Visa and Passport have different types.

There are three types of passports.

  • Ordinary Passport – This passport is issued for the normal citizen but there have also two types, one is Non-ECR and other is ECR.
  • Diplomatic Passport – It is given to such officers who are in a big position. Quite often such people also have to go out of the country, that time they are also needed a passport.
  • Official passport – It is given to those people, who are a government employee or businessman.

Similarly, Visa also different types, but the main are;

  • Travel or Tourist Visa: It only gives those people who are travelling.
  • Student Visa: This visa is given to who is going to the studies in another place.
  • Business Visa: Those who go to the other country for the business they get this.
  • Temporary Visa: If someone wants to go for work for a few days, then given this temporary visa.
  • Journalist Visa: If someone goes for newspaper and television news then those people get this.

As well another two types of visa have, such as Visa on Arrival and Visa-Free.

There may be a question arises in your mind?

Which one needs first?

If you want to go to another country, first you need a passport. After that, you can apply for visa through the Passport but it can’t reverse.

For a normal passport, you must have and valid documents like address proof and identity proof. Passport is given to you on the basis of where you live.

After which it becomes your very important document. This is needed whenever you want to go out of the country.

Also, you can use this as proof of a document inside of the country. This is a very powerful document. Whose validity 10 years, you can renew it after 10 years.

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But you have to take different visas for different countries, you cannot go to another country with one country visa and it will not work in any kind of documents, it is just a permit.

Even if there is a question or confusion regarding the difference between passport and visa. So, you can ask by commenting in the comment box below. You will definitely be helped.