Driving License Download Full Process

If you want driving license download online, following these steps you can get your driving licence.

First, here I tell you one important point. When you apply for a driving license online.

After that, you have to go to RTO for giving a test i.e. exam. A few days later you can do this process.

If you passed the test then you will get this driving license on online.

Driving License Download Step by Step Process

  1. Visitor the Indian ministry of road transport official website. Then select your state, choose that state from where you applied for your driving license.

Even if you are currently in another state, you have to choose that state.

driving license download

2. On the left side page, you will get driving license and below show print license details click on that and then click on the print learners license.

driving license download

3. Next, you will reach the instruction page just click on the Proceed button.

driving license download

4. Here put your application number and date of birth. You will get the application number on your RTO receipt and you know the date of birth.

If you can’t give the correct information, you will not get your driving license. only this you can download your driving license online. After filling both click on submit.

driving license download

5. On the next page, you will see your information like your name, father’s name, licence number etc. On the right side, you will get a print option just click on that.

driving license download

Then a page will come for driving license download save it, this file download as PDF format. Choose a location where you want to save and then click on the OK button.

driving license download

That is the real process, how you can download learner licence from online. If anyone applies for a driving license, first he gets a Learner Driving License.

After that with the help of this license, you can get your card license means a real driving license that need during driving.

But this is an official process. First, you will have to take a learner’s license, then you get the license.

If you do not download and not apply again, it not came Automatic. Therefore, you must take this and after that apply again then you will get that.

Driving Licence Apply In Online

The Ministry of Road Transport official website is Sometimes on construction mode. If you find this too, then a few minutes later or next day come again and apply this process.

The driving license will be downloaded online through this process only, apart from that there is no other process

due to some technical problem the website shows some issues, if it happens then you must try next time.

A driving license is an important document for those driving a vehicle. If you drive any vehicle on the road without this then it is illegal.

For this, you may also have to pay a fine, as well as punishment.

So, if you drive on the road any kind of vehicle then you must have a driving license. These days you can also apply for this on online without any third-party person.

You can keep this Learner Driving License with you just for learning. You can print out the PDF file and keep it with you. But this does not allow you to drive on the road.

If you drive a vehicle on the road, you should have a man with have a license. Otherwise, it will be illegal even if you have this learner’s driving license.

If you face any kind of problem related driving license download, below you can ask by commenting in the comment box, I will definitely try to help. Simultaneously you also said whether it helped you or not.

Driving License Download Video

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