How to Apply for Police Re Verification for Passport

Here I am going to show you all the process of how to apply for police re verification for passport.

This is not a sentence solution it’s come for multiple reasons, but don’t worry I talk as much as possible regarding this problem.

let’s know why police re-verification for a passport is required. If you apply for a passport and your police verification is not completed by any reason this re-verification is required.

But it also necessary to understand why police verification for passport is not completed.

I saw many people all documents are not matches, their one document name is not matched with other documents. Therefore, police rejected their passport police verification.

If you are under this problem means your documents are not matched then this is for you how to apply for police re verification for passport?

How to Apply for Police Re Verification for Passport

If it happens with your local police station then say this police officer, I will correct my name any other that not matched

and then I will come place wait for me don’t send my file to the passport office.

If he or she agreed with this then you don’t need to police re-verification. Just correct your document and go again there and then they will check again

if your all are correct then they will accept your document and your police verification of passport will be cleared.

Here a question may arise that how you can correct documents. It’s simplest way to make an affidavit on that.

Means whatever mismatch or incorrect in your document make an affidavit on that particular problem.

And the other, which is a very long process; you should correct the document by officially.

If such kind of problem is happening to you too then you do not need police re-verification.

But many people think that police re-verification is also required for this but it does not. You do not have to take police re-verification.

You just do what I told. Then your problem will be solved.

But if your passport Police Verification has been submitted Rejects then need police re-verification. In that what will you have to do?

here we come in our main point how to apply for police re verification for passport?

You need to reschedule your passport appointment then your passport re-verification will be automatically done. Means your police verification will come again that need.

But here another question maybe arrive how you can residual passport appointment?

For this, you need your user id and password. If you forgot your password and you have only user id then you can recover your password, if you forgot both then it is not possible.

First, come to the official website of the passport and login by entering your password and ID.

You have to login to that account which you have applied, you cannot complete this process with another account remember that.

After login you will see on the left top corner view/saved submitted applications click on that.

After that, you will see your applied passport details like ARN, File No etc, tick on the right side and then below click on Payments and Appointment

then below you get payment and schedule appointment click on that.

Then choose payment mode, don’t worry you do not pay again just tick on online payment and click Next button. The following page also click Next.

Next, choose PSK and fill that capture and click below the Next button. On the next page choose your appointment date and click pay and book appointment.

follow the simple ahead process and complete this, after that you will get an appointment for passport.

If you get a passport appointment then it means you can also get a passport police verification appointment this is the whole process how to apply for police re verification for passport.

Here How To Apply For Passport Online Full Process

So, here know one thing. Passport police re-verification takes place only when your police verification has been given poorly means if rejected.

Before that, you can complete your process only by contacting the direct police. For this, you don’t need the process of Passport reschedule appointment.