How To Calculate Percentage

If you are facing any kind of problem at the time of taking the percentage, come to the right place I will show you the easy way how to calculate percentage.

Percentage can be extracted in different ways, but these days, every phone has a calculator. So first I will tell you about how the percentage is extracted from the calculator of the phone.

Suppose you have a number like 1000, What will be 30% ? Multiply 1000 by 30 and then divide by 100, your percentage quantity will come out that is 300. That is only an example put your number and calculated you will get your result.

how to calculate percentage

In another way, if you have a number like 900 and you want to know about what is the percentage of 300. Then put the first 300 and divide it with 900 and then multiply with 100, you will get the result 33.33 it is the percentage. You can apply this any type of number I will show just for an example.

how to calculate percentage

Now we know how to calculate percentage of marks. It is very simple but many people don’t know. Just divide your total obtained marks with the subject. like you get 450 from 600 and one subject has 100 then you have 6 subjects, divides it with your obtained marks like 450, you will get 75 it means your percentage of marks is 75%

how to calculate percentage

Now see another example of how to find percentage, this time you have multiple quantities like 450, 600, 720, 850 and so on, you want to know what is the percentage of this kind of number.

First Plus all the numbers here 450 + 600 + 720 + 850 = 2600. After plus you will get the total number, divide it with how many numbers you plus here 4 (2600/4) you will get the answer (650)

how to calculate percentage

Now here we will know how to calculate percentage in excel. In Excel, a large number of calculations are done, because many people or company still use this this excel for calculation.

You can also do all of this in Excel as I described above, but you need to put first equal then you can do that I above showed. Like = 300 X 900 ÷ 100 then you will get automatically answer 300.

how to calculate percentage

In excel have some formula like if you want to know the total number, then type equal sign then sum and the first bracket and select all the number that you want to calculate the total and bracket your total number showed.

After that you want to know the percentage of the total number then divide it with the quantity that you calculate. Like total number 600 and quantity 4 (600÷4), you get the percentage 150.

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how to calculate percentage

This is the easiest way to extract percentage. You can extract percentage from any calculator in this manner, whether it is a real calculator or Excel from a phone calculator. you can feel free ask in the comment box I will definitely help you.

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