How To Fill Cheque Safely 5 Main Ponts

Most people are confused while filing a cheque. therefore, here I show how to fill cheque.

If you remember some main things during filling a cheque, then it may be safe for you or you can fill the all bank cheque.

Because Indian most of the bank cheque fills are almost similar.

While filling a check first remember that is to whom you want to give this cheque. Like people or an organization or do you want to withdraw yourself.

  1. First, you need to fill the date/month and year. On the right side of the cheque, where DD/MM and YYYY is written

you have to write the date in place of DD and in place of MM write the month and where YYYY instead of years.

This check will be valid for only 3 months after putting the date in the cheque.

How To Fill Cheque

2. Because instead of Pay, you have to write the name to whom you want to give this cheque.

If you want to give this check to a people then write his name or if you want to give this cheque to any organization

then write the name of that organization or if you want to withdraw yourself, you can write self or even your name.

How To Fill Cheque

3. In the place of ‘Rupees’ write the amount in words that you want to give. After writing the entire amount, you can differentiate only, or you draw a long line for safety.

How To Fill Cheque

4. Where there is a box with the symbol of the rupee, there is that amount on the numbers.

Whenever you write the number in the box, start writing from near the box and at the end make a line so that no other number can be added.

How To Fill Cheque

In the end, instead of a signature, you have to do your signature “Please sign above”,

which was given the signature at the time of opening your bank account,

do the signature in the same way otherwise your check will be bounced. Due to which you may have to pay fine.

How To Fill Cheque

Due to security, you should also two signs on the backside of your cheque so that there is no problem.

Below the cheque, you will see some number one is your cheque number second is MICT code, and the other is RBI account number, and forth is your transaction code. Don’t do these codes anything; otherwise, your check will be cancelled or bounced because, by these codes, your money transferred.

If you remember these main things while filling the cheque, then you can fill out any bank cheque in India.

How To Fill Cheque

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Tips how to fill cheque.

  • If you want the cheque that you have signed goes only to that person’s account, then you can make two lines on the left side corner, and if possible as well as you can write between the two lines “A/C Pay” then the cheque will be transfer only that person’s account. If this case Cheque money goes into that account by mistake then you can also claim so you can get money back.
  • Along with the bank cheque, you also get a slip on the front page, on that slip you can write your check number, date and amount deposit etc and keep it for your security purpose.
  • After name and amount draw a line till the end so that no one can tamper with your cheque.
  • Do not overwrite while filling the cheque otherwise your check will be cancelled.
  • You should never enter the future date in the cheque, enter the current date only, because the data you write in the cheque will be valid only after that date and it will remain valid for 3 months, after that the validation of that cheque will be over.
  • Many places you can also use your cheque for KYC; in that situation you have to draw a line in the middle of the check and write the cancel. Note; apart from that, you do not give anything like signature, date etc do not give anything if you are given a cancelled cheque to someone.

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Main types of cheques

Bearer cheque: at this cheque, you can withdraw to your bank account by self, or you can transfer your bank account money to another person by cash. To know whether your check is a bearer or not must have written it at the end of the Pay in your cheque “Or bearer”. If it is written, then your cheque is the bearer. If you give such a cheque to someone, he can withdraw it by cash. Therefore, it’s very powerful and risk, if someone gets your cheque by mistake, then they can withdraw your money.

Order cheque: At is a check whose name is written, only he will get the money. You can also make this Bearer cheque to Order if you cross the Bearer from the middle, it will become an Order cheque. It is also a Transferable cheque You can transfer the Order cheque to another person. If you get an order cheque and you want to give it to someone else, then behind that cheque you will give your signature and the person to whom you want to transfer. Then it will be automatically transferred to that person’s name.

Crossed cheque: It has to be made by itself, for this, if you put two lines on the left side corner on your check, then it will become Crossed cheque. This advantage is, it will be deposited only in her bank account. If you want that the cheque you sign is only transferred to the account, then you can give a Crossed cheque. Both the above cheque types will withdraw by cash.

Post-dated cheque: If you want to give money to someone through a cheque in the future and he is asking for a cheque on the current date, then you can provide a post-dated check to him, but the time you give it will be valid only after that date before that cheque Will remain invalid.

Gift cheque: This cheque is a special cheque when someone wants to give money through a gift at that time he can give a gift cheque. Such cheque is mostly given to the winning people. Suppose you participate in a program and you win it that time you get such the gift cheque. If you also want to give such cheque to someone, then you need to request your bank they will provide, but for this you also have to pay extra money

Travellers cheque: If you go to another country and you want to pay by cheque there, then you can use a Travellers cheque, for that you will have to request for this cheque the bank will give it to you. Such cheque now uses very rarely because these days people pay by debit cards and credit cards even in another country.

Banker’s cheque: Most of the cheque has limits. Therefore, you cannot give more money to anyone other than the limit of the cheque, at that time you can take bankers cheque from the bank especially, for this you should deposit money in the bank after depositing the bank will issue a cheque especially transfer your money, but it will work inside your city.