How To Fill Form 15G For PF Withdrawal

The 15G form fill who are below the age of 60. Here I show How to Fill Form 15G For PF Withdrawal.

If your provident found amount was more than 50000 and you are working more than 6 years

as well as you are not under in the income tax, then give that form you will get your full PF withdrawal amount.

If you are not under in the income tax and if you don’t give that form then 10% of your PF amount will deduct during PF Withdrawal.

How To Fill Form 15G For PF Withdrawal Step By Step Process Below.

  1. Put the candidate the name

2. Write the PAN card number

3. In status the box writes ‘individual’

4. Here financial years, after 31 March new financial year will start. For example (2020-2021.)

5. On the residential status write the only ‘resident.’

Number 6 to 12 are your address information. 6, Flat/door/block no. 7, house name. 8, Road/Street/lane name. 9, Area/locality. 10, town/city/district. 11, state name.12, put your area pin code number and 13, give a valid Email ID.

14. Give a running phone number, if have any problem then they will contact through this number.

15. Are you income tax return person. If yes, then right sign on the box and give the year below. If not, then tick on the just no box.

16. Write the full amount, that has in your provident found account.

17. Here put your PF amount, as well as last one-year income. Like if your PF amount 1 lakh and last one-year income 1.2 Lakh, then write here all total amount like two Lakh twenty rupees.

18. Here have two boxes, if you applied 15g form previous years then put the quantity of 15g form that you file and how much amount write in the right-side box. If not, then on the left side right put ‘0’ and right side adds ‘none.’

19. Here need four things. In the identification number… box, below give your UAN No (Universal account number.) Nature of income – PF withdrawal. Section under… – Section 192A. Amount of income – that amount has your PF account, for example (1 Lakh)

How To Fill Form 15G For PF Withdrawal

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In the; ‘signature of declarant’ give your real signature that has your document any like PAN card or bank account.


I/We then put your name and below there have previous years ending put last financial years dates like 31/03/2020 and assessment year ‘2020-2021’ and below also same financial years that you give above.

At the last, left side put your place name as well as the current date and on the right side again give your signature.

How To Fill Form 15G For PF Withdrawal