How To Generate ATM Pin For SBI – SBI ATM Pin Generation

Now all the State Bank of India ATM card has come without pin mean comes without activation;

Therefore, it required for activation also called ATM Pin Generation.

Here I show three ways How To Generate ATM Pin For SBI – SBI ATM Pin Generation.

How To Generate ATM Pin For SBI

  1. First, go to any nearest ATM center and put your new ATM card in the ATM slot.

2. After that, a window will show choose PIN generation option; press in the right button or click on the screen there you see pin generation.

3. Next, put your bank account number and then press the confirm.

4. After put’s your 10-digit mobile number that has registered on your bank account. Press on the confirm.

5. Next, an important message will show; keep register mobile number on your hand, when you go for ATM pin generation; tab on the confirm button.

6. After that, you will receive a temporary pin for your SBI ATM card pi generation in your register mobile number.

Change it immediately, because it’s valid only for 24 hours after that it automatically invalid. It will not work.

7. Again, put your ATM card in the ATM slot, and now you have to select banking option.

8. Next select language that you want then continue.

9. After that, enter any two-digit number between 10 to 99 or that shown in your ATM screen put that and press yes.

10 Next, enter the pin that you received via a message from State Bank of India means temporary pin that you get.

11. After that, you will see many options, but you press in PIN change option.

12. Now put your four-digit pin as your wish or that you want to keep, I suggest to you put a four-digit unique number, not like 1 2 3 4 – 1 111- 0 0 0 0 etc.

Because at this pin your transaction your money by the ATM if you keep simple pin then Your bank money may be in risk.

13. After entered 4-digit number put again same to same 4-digit number for confirmation; because many people don’t remember what they put in one time.

Therefore, its need to require for confirmation put the same that you enter previously and remember it this pin your permanent ATM pin.

Here I show you how to generate SBI ATM pin on online without visiting ATM centre. For this, you must have State bank of India net banking login ID and password.

  • Click on login, the following page continue to login then put your user id and password, and then your SBI net banking will open.
  • After login come on the top menu and click on e-services then ATM card services.
  • Next, a new window will come you click on the ATM pin generation.
  • After that two option will arise one is useing one time password and other using profile password select only one.

If you choose OTP option then an OTP will come in your register mobile number or if you select using profile password then you can create ATM PIN from your profile password.

  • I select using one-time password and then next page put that code which is come on my register mobile number after that click submit.
  • Next, select your account if have multiple accounts choose which accounts ATM card pin generate and click continue.
  • After that choose ATM number if to have multiple ATM then choose the right one by matching ATM card number and click submit.
  • Next enter 2-digit number that you want to in your ATM pin after that click on submit.
  • In your register mobile number SBI send other two number; because in the ATM pin Number four remains

Put here 4 digit number that you enter before and another two-digit number that SBI sends in your registered mobile number.

Put together first your 2-digit then there and click on submit button.

  • Now your ATM pin generation was completed a successful message will come after you can use this password for any transaction.

Now here I am going to show you how to generate SBI ATM pin through SMS.

  • First, need to open your message box and types in capital letter PIN and give a space; after that put your ATM last four-digit number then a space and then write your last four-digit bank account number. Send This Massage on 567676.
  • One more thing, send this message from your register mobile number. If you send this message from unregistered mobile number then you can’t complete ATM pin generation process.

Because it’s mandatory that if you generate ATM pin or activate your SBI new debit card then send this message that phone number has registered on your bank account.

  • After sending this message wait for some time. SBI send you to your temporary pin, or you can also call at this number then you also get an OTP.

After receiving a message from SBI, go to your nearest SBI ATM and follow the above 1st steps.

You can also activate or generate your SBI ATM card pin through IVRS means call On SBI helpline Centre from your register mobile number they give you ATM pin; after that go at any SBI ATM and change that PIN within 24 hours.