How to take screenshot in laptop and Computer

Here I am going to show how to take screenshot in laptop and computer with full screen as well as multi-screen.

How to take Full screenshot on Windows

  • For taking a full screenshot you need a software called is Snagit
  • Then open it, after that you will see a red color circle capture button click on that.
How to take screenshot in laptop
  • Next, select the area that you want to capture then automatically a window will come. then click on the launch a Panoramic capture button that is on the middle of the page.
How to take screenshot in laptop
  • Then click on the start button and scroll down your page that you want to capture. When you are page complete then just click on stop.
  • This software automatically captures your whole page, that you scroll down and then merge file will show.
  • If you want to Mark anything, you can also so do in this software. Above many marking options are available, choose anyone and mark your page.
How to take screenshot in laptop
  • Save it by clicking on the above file option. Then choose save or save as options, after that choose your destination where you want to save your file and then give a name this file and click on the Save button.

How to take screenshot by shortcut key

  • If you want to take a screenshot that shown in your screen that may be multiple or single screens.
  • Just press on your Windows button as well PrtSc/SysRq from your keyboard.
How to take screenshot in laptop
  • It automatically captures your whole screen it does not matter your singular or multiple screens.
  • For this screenshot search on your search box by photos name. Then open photos application and then you will see the recent screenshots that you captured.
How to take screenshot in laptop

Here get Windows keyboard shortcuts

Another Way to take screenshot by single key

  • You can also take your computer or laptop screenshot just by pressing PrtScr SysRq key.
  • For this press that and then open the paint application then on the right top corner you will get paste option press on that then you will see your screenshot.
  • Save it by clicking on the file option then click on save or save as then save it there you want to save.

All above processor is working on all Windows operating system. This is very important when you present something offline or online form your laptop or computer.

If you face any kind of problems during this process you can feel free comment in the below comment box, I will definitely try to help you.

how to take screenshot in laptop and computer video

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