How Indian Passport Renewal In USA Full Process

If you want to renew the Indian passport by staying in the USA without visiting India then follow these.

Here I show step by step Indian Passport Renewal In USA Full Process.

  1. To renew Indian Passport in USA, visit the official website of CKGS. This is the only authorized web service that you have to use to get your Indian Passport Renewal; there is no other way.

You do not need to visit the Government of the Indian passport website.

you will get some important points, you can read this, but I will cover the main points one by one. So, scroll down the page you will get passport application – get started.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

2. Select the type of application normal and tatkal. If you need emergency renewal, then choose tatkal or if you want normal renew then select normal.

Here I show you how to renewal in the normal process, but both are almost similar process.

Select which state do you live in? because they are only five-six services by CKGS that you need to send your application to base on your location.

After selecting your State, you will see below which option is available for you; if you have multiple options in your area

Then you can choose if not then automatically come that are available in your location.

Next, choose are you applying as? adult or minor Here minor are two kinds one is below 15 years and another is 15 to 18 years.

Have you ever applied for Asylum? Choose No and below selects your marital status, according to your status.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

4. Choose your passport booklet type normal is 36 pages and Jumbo booklet is 60 pages, if you want Jumbo booklet then need to pay more select ordinary booklet.

Select your reason why you renew your passport? Here you can choose that have available like passport going to expire, passport already expired or lost – damage.

If your passport renewal reason is not from one of the given here, you can select none of the above.

Below gives some additional information like your spouse’s name already has no change required.

If in your passport spouse name are not and you want to add in your passport then select Yes where have do you want to add spouse name you can also delete your spouse’s.

If you want to remove your spouse’s name from your passport then select the valid reason why you remove your spouse name.

If you want to change any things from your passport like address, date of birth, place of birth, name, etc. Tick Yes right boxes, if you don’t want anything to choose above No.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

6. Applicant details this is important, spend some time to filling this. Make sure that you enter here is the correct information.

Like your full name, gender, place of birth, date of birth, current passport number, passport issue date, passport expiry date

passport place of issue, proof of legal status in USA, choose yes and select what document have if you select Green Card then put your green card number.

Right side choose do you have IR-6 visa category? IR-6 visa category means if you are married to a U.S women then choose Yes otherwise No.

Above most of these you can get in your passport. choose according to you are you religious?

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

7. Submission and collection details, how will you submit your application? walking or shipping choose that.

If have CKGS office near to you go through walking otherwise choose shipping. Next do you need to message alert

I suggest to you tick on No because you can get 4 messages without paying means day providing for complimentary message to keep you updated. If you choose then need pay extra.

After that put your contact details like phone number and email ID, then verify that you are not Robots then click proceed.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

8. Then a form will come out that you fill till now, scroll down that page below tick on I confirm that all of the information about is correct then click I confirm.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

9. You get your reference number and right-side corner you see that amount you need to pay also you saw document checklist and photo details that you give.

I suggest to you print out document checklist; because you have to send the document according to this list, nor less than that. Then click on continue.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

10. Next, fill your details like occupation, date of leaving India, residing at present address in USA and period of stay.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

11. Then fill your family details like father’s name mother’s name if you choose to add your spouse name then here you see an option for put your spouse name.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

12. After that, fill your present address in USA as well as below put residing at present address since ?

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

13. Put your other details means any of two-person that they know you put their details and if have any travel agent sending to you in US filled their information if not check the box ‘leave blank if not applicable’ then click on the below submit button.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

14. Then again form will come out, check on the box ‘I confirm that all the information about is correct’ and then click on I confirm.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

15. The nationality verification form will come this form already filled just click on proceed.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

16. Affidavit for change in appearance and signature will come let it be as it is and click on below submit.

Then again affidavit the option will come. So there also you have nothing to do, click on the proceed.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

17. Next, you will get an Annexure E form there check out on birth and I have never been repatriated from abroad back to India at the expense of India and below click on submit. Again, come that form without anything do just click on proceed.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

18. Now time to choosing your shipping, put your zip code and other details and below selects that option have available for shipping your document to CKGS office and also put your address for return shipping.

Then you see the actual amount that you need to pay, scroll down that page and tick on I agree to the terms and conditions and click on submit.

How To Apply For Passport Online Here

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

19. Next, the payment option will come out click on pay online. After that, you get the option to pay, put your payment details and pay.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

20. After payment, you will come to the Indian NRI passport site, fill your basic information and below click on save and continue

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

21. Next, upload your image if you want to upload then click on upload image and upload your image and then click save and continue after that your online process was completed.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

22. Next, Click on the generate PDF and download it, after download PDF print and put your signature there required and fill the necessary information by your hand.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA

packed all the PDF form along with document according to your document checklist and like your old passport, USA document, all form that you download and then send all these to CKGS office.

Indian Passport Renewal In USA Video

Watch this video on YouTube.