Indian Passport Renewal – Renew Passport Online

Here I Show Step By Step How Indian Passport Renewal – Renew Passport Online. Passport is a document through which you can go to another country. But the validity of this document is only five years or ten years. You have to choose this year at that time when you applied. At most you can get a passport for 10 years after that need to renew passport or passport renewal.

Indian Passport Renewal

  1. visit the official passport website, then need to register on it. Therefore, click ‘new user registration’ then a form will come, fill that putting your necessary information like name, email id, date of birth, etc.

Then click the register. After that, you will get a mail on your mailbox for activation click on the activation link that came; then, your passport account activated.

2. Then enter your user ID and password and login to the passport side, for passport renewal click apply for fresh/Re-issue of passport.

3. Next, click here to fill the application form online.

4. Choose your state name or District name then automatically gone this page to the next step.

5. After that, tick on Re-issue of passport then select your reason why you renew your passport like your passport was damaged, lost, validation expired also pages of booklet like 36 or 60 pages then click next.

6. Next, a form will come; fill that putting your basic information like your name, gender, date of birth, marital status, state – district name, if you have PAN card or voter ID card you can also put here, educational qualification

After choose educational qualification below you see Non-ECR category passport if you can 10th passed then you get Non-ECR passport if you 10th failed then you get ECR passport.

You can also put your Aadhar Card if you put Aadhar number then below tick ‘yes’ if you don’t put then tick ‘No’ after filling all things click next button.

7. Fill your family details like father’s name, mother’s name and you can also fill here your legal guardian name then click next.

8. Next, fill your present address means now why are you lip put that address because Passport becomes the present address.

Fill your current address like your house name, street name, village, police station, pin code, mobile number or Email Id and at the end you can also choose your permanent address.

If you want then select ‘yes’ then fill your permanent address, if you don’t want to put your permanent address then choose ‘No’ and then click next.

9. Here you enter the name, address and number of anyone for emergency contact. If have come any problem during this process and they do not get you the details you have given.

Then the passport officer will contact which you provide here name, it is very important to put it.

10. After that, they will be asked for details of your previous passport information; here you will have to enter it like passport number, issue date, expiry date, place of issue and file number then below tick ‘details not available’ and next choose ‘No’ and then click next.

11. Here, you will have to give some information. Like is there any case on you? Have you been declared guilty by any court? Have you ever applied for a passport that has rejected?

Give some information in this way; you can do ‘Yes’ ‘No’ by reading it. So, I will suggest doing ‘No’ all here.

Because, if you are connected or do anything here that has the list, then you may have difficulty in making Passport Renewal.

Then click below next button.

12. Next, you will see your passport demo. So here you have to look carefully. Is there a mistake in your name and address? After seeing carefully, did you move forward, because you will not be able to change after this.

13. After that, you have to select your present address proof and birth document. Below You will have to tick on ‘YES’ for SMS alert.

Rs 50 fees will be charged for this. But they don’t; then you should come down and put your area name in place and tick the ‘I Agree” and click submit form.

14. Choose pay and schedule appointment, and above you will get your ARN number. You can save it and keep it. Then automatically will move to the next step.

15. Then you have to select the payment mode. If you want to pay online or by challan. So, you can choose as you wish. If you have an ATM card, you can still pay online. So here you choose online and click on Next.

16. Then you have to select your passport office. Here you will get the name of many passport offices. But now whatever is near you, select it. If that does not work, then you also choose any other passport office, whoever is near to you.

Because some passport office does not work here, so on the list, your nearest passport office name can also be multiple times. Then you have to enter the security captcha below and click on Next.

17. After that, you will see your appointment data. But if you cannot go to that date, then you can also take another date by clicking in the Select Another appointment date below. So by selecting the date, click on Pay and Book appointment.

18. Then you will see the payment option, here you can pay with Net Banking, ATM Card or UPI. So if you have an ATM card, then you can choose the card payment option.

If you have SBI ATM card then select SBI. If have any other bank select other bank Debit Cards.

19. Next page, you will see your application reference number, how much you have to pay, your name and passport service type, also be seen passport office names that you choose.

So below you have to click on the confirmation, similarly in the next page too, you have to click on the confirmation and proceed.

Then you have to enter your card details like cardholder name, expiry date, CVV code, capture and click on pay.

20. After completing the payment process, you will get a PDF where you have to write the complete details of the appointment; you have to print it out and take it to the Passport Office.

How To Apply For Passport Online Here

Indian Passport Renewal Video

Watch this video on YouTube.

Passport Renewal fees? – Passport Renew fees?

Reissue Passport, above 18 years, validation expired, 36 pages booklet and normal. Rs 1500.
Reissue, plus 18 years, lost/damaged passport, 36 pages booklet. If not expired, then you have to pay Rs 3000. If it is expired then the normal fee will be pay.


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