How to install Windows 11 on Laptop or Computer

Here I am going to show you how to install Windows 11 on your laptop or computer.

This is the new version of Microsoft Windows operating system. If you want Windows 11 operating system then follow the below step by step process.

  1. First, connect your bootable Pendrive or disk of Windows 11 to your computer or laptop. Here you get Official windows 11

2. Then press your boot key, that shown during open of your system. Press that and choose Pendrive or disk that you connect and go-ahead.

3. After choosing Windows 11 will run and then select language, time format and keyboard method and then click on the Next button.

4. Next you will see an install button just click on that

5. After that, if you have windows Product Key put that and click on Next. If not, then the below option has, I don’t have a product key click on that.

6. Here are the options to choose which version of Windows 11 you want to install. Most people use Windows Pro if you also want choose that and click on the next.

install Windows 11

7. Then accept the Microsoft terms and conditions below a tickable option have tik on that and click on the next.

8. If you want to install a fresh version of windows 11 then choose custom: install Windows only.

9. Here choose your C drive, if you have already install any version of Windows format that option is available below, and click on the next button.

10. Next Windows 11 install processing start, here you wait for some time. Still hundred percent of the installation process not completed.

11. After that your system will automatically restart. Then you have got to choose country or region, select that and click on yes.

12. Next choose your keyboard layout and click on yes button. Then if you have a second keyboard layout add that, if not just click on the skip button.

13. Next select setup for personal use then click on the next button.

14. Then if you have a Microsoft account put that email id and click on the Next button, if not you can also create it here, but if you don’t want to that just click on sign-in options.

15. Next choose offline account. the following page just click on the next button.

16. Now to time put your username and then click on the next. Then choose your password and click on next, again put your password for confirmation.

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17. Next, choose three times your security question and put that answer below and click on Next one by one.

18. Next, you have got privacy setting, here you can off all options and click on Accept.

19. Windows 11 installation process almost completed just wait for some time to open your fresh Windows 11 version.

Here step by step How to Install Full Process Video