Non ECR Category Means And ECR Category in Passport

If you are confused on Non ECR Category Means And ECR Category in Passport then come to the right place. I will explain in very details of both passport category.

Many people are confused about it, because looking wise almost same. Therefore, people don’t understand which one is ECR category passport and non ECR passport.

Non ECR Category Means And ECR Category in Passport

Non ECR Category Means

Emigration Check Not Required. Earlier people called it ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) currently known as Non ECR (Non-Immigration Check Required.)

Whoever goes to golf country for the job. Those passport holders do not needs immigration. If have a non ECR category passport.

This type of passport is only given those who are at least 10th class pass. If you want to know whether your passport is in a non ECR category then in the last page of your passport have not written anything, it means your passport is in this category.

If you want to get this type of passport, you have to choose at the time of applying. For which you should have proof that you are 10th pass. For this, you can give any proof of 10th pass or above 10th pass. For example, 12th class or graduation certificate.

ECR Category in Passport

ECR means Emigration check required. This category passport is given only who are not complete 10th class means 10th fail.

If you want to go for a job in the 18-golf country and you have this category passport then immigration is mandatory for you.

After the immigration, a stamp will be placed on a page of your passport. This will show that you are not the tenth passed, but you are going for a job in golf country. Also, the last page of your passport has written the emigration check required.

Non ECR Category Means And ECR Category in Passport

Therefore, Government of India checks that you are not 10th passed but you want to go for a job in 18 country, due to which the government do this process for your protection. After going there, you don’t have to face any problem.

If you make your passport before 10th pass and later you want to transfer from ECR to a non-ECR category then you can do that too by the renewal process.

Immigration Required Country name

1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia2. South Sudan3. Malaysia
4. United Arab Emirates5. Afghanistan6. Syria
7. Bahrain8. Sudan9. Indonesia
10. Iraq11. Oman12. Qatar
13. Jordan14. Kuwait15. Yemen
16. Lebanon17. Libya18. Thailand
Here is the official PDF

Note that these two types of passports should be checked only when you are going for a job in a gold country. If you are going to study, for tourism or any other reason than you do not need it. That which category passport you have.

ECR full form

Emigration Check Required

ECNR full form

Emigration Check Not Required

Non ECR full form

Non-Immigration Check Required

Non ECR meaning in passport

There will be no immigration required for jobs in Gulf Country.