Passport Police Verification Just In 5 Steps

Passport Police verification is mandatory to get an Indian passport.

Still, most people face some problems during Police verification for Passport

Because they do not know How Passport Police verification is?

Passport Police Verification

For this, here I will tell you to step by step how this process is done and where you should go for police verification.

First, when you apply for passport online, after that you will have to go to the passport office

You will have to show your document after that the passport office will send for police verification in your local police station.

But before that, come to your district police station means your area’s main police station (Example DC Office, SP Office) will come there, then those people will send to your local police station.

After that, your local police can also visit your house or They can also call for your passport police verification.

But most people have the problem that they do not know whether their passport police verification has come or not.

That situation, 15 to 20 days after going to the passport office, you should visit your local police station to find out whether your police verification has come

Or not because the police also have other work, therefore, they forget to go your home, or they do not call you.

Passport Police Verification is due to this, do you have any case on them, if you have any case, then they will have the right to reject the police verification.

Because a passport is a document through which you can go to another country. If there is a big case against you

Then the government does not give permission that you go to another country because if you do not come back or return, so that any person who has a case on it.

He should not leave the country until his case is over. Therefore, you need police verification for Passport.

It happens in many places that the police also ask for money to do the verification. But it’s totally wrong. There are no fees for police verification.

But ordinary people get caught in it. Because the policemen ask for more money than the passport fees, due to which the police verification of those people fails.

They do not get passports. The passport office will not send your passports unless your police verification is cleared.

After clear the police verification, they will again send it to your main police station and from there the passport office will go to your verification

After that they will send your passport to your address.

I have also put an image above for this entire process, seeing that you can even guess how the police verification for a passport has done.

Here I tell you one more thing, whether you have applied for a normal passport or for Reissue, it is mandatory for you to get a police verification both times.

But for Tatkal passport, this process is entirely different; in Tatkal, you will get Passport first and later you will have to do police verification.

If you have any problem with your passport police verification, then you can talk directly to the In-charge of your police station, because he can give you the right information.

How To Apply For Passport Online Here

But there are many such people when they apply for a passport, then they select the wrong police station.

If you too have done this, then you can improve it in only two ways. First, whenever you go to the passport office for documents verification

then you can say to the Passport officer that I have chosen my police station wrong, please fix it, then he can fix it.

Second, whatever you select the Police station is? when your police verification will come there, then you can go there and tell him to send your verification to your local police station because it has come wrong. they will send it.

Here I tell one more thing, most of the people do not know where the police verification for Passport should come, at the permanent address or present address.

So, it has been clearly announced by the government that the passport police verification should go on the current address.

Police verification of passport should be done within 30 days after applying for the passport, this information has been given by the government itself.

Therefore, you should get your passport within 30 days.

For which the government is also making a lot of effort to get this police verification online, but it is still in a few cities. For which still most people are having problems.

After gone online this process, people will not have to go to the police station, and people will make more and more passports

Which is the benefit of the government because the money you give for the passport directly gets the government.

Passport Police Verification Video

Passport Police Verification Step By Step Full Process
Watch this video on YouTube.


Do not give money to anyone for passport verification, because it is not mandatory to provide money for this process; the person will get whatever money you give. If anyone asks for money for this, you can talk to the senior at your police station.

Passport police verification status?

This process is entirely offline because of which you will not get real-time information online. You have to go and get the information yourself in your police station.

Passport renewal police verification?

Police verification also has to be done for passport renewal (Reissue). Because the validation of the passport is 10 years, in the meantime, if you have any case, then you will not get the passport again in that situation, due to which the police verification has to be done for passport renewal as well.

Tatkal passport police verification?

Police verification is for Tatkal. First, you get Passport, after that, there will be police verification, but later if the police verification field is due to any reason, then your passport will be cancelled.

Passport police verification failed?

If your police verification has failed, then you can apply for police verification again, for this you will have to reschedule by going to the official website of the passport, for this you must have your ID and password from which you had applied.

Passport police verification documents?

For this process, you must have a present address document. If you were shifted to your present address a few days ago, then you can show your landlord documents or where you live. You can also give his application letter as current proof of police station.