How Passport Status Check

If you want to know how online Passport Status Check, then come to the right place.

Before proceeding, one thing tells here, whatever your reason for track passport application,

Like passport police verification status tracking or any other reason; you must have the passport file number for this.

For track passport application don’t need login ID and password.

  1. First, you have to open Google in any browser and write passport status. After that, you will get the page link is online passport status check

Which will be seen on the below picture. After clicking, you will go to the track passport application status page.

Passport Status Check

2. Here you will get three options application type, file number and date of birth, on the application type choose Passport/PCC/IC/GEP.

Below put your file number. That you will get in your passport receipt. if you do not have this Passport file number.

Passport Status Check

Passport file number

Login on the Passport Portal with your login ID and password. On the right side, you will see the option View Saved/Submitted Applications click there.

Then you will see your Passport details that applied and on the site of ARN, you get passport file number.

Passport file number

Next, you enter your date of birth, which you have given on the applying time, enter the exact date of birth.

Otherwise, Passport Status Check will not be shown. After filling all correctly, click on the Track status.

4. After that, you will get complete information, above you will see your information and below shown the Passport Status.

Means what is the position of your passport that you apply? is your passport police verification clear etc. the complete information will be visible to you in this page.

Passport Status Check

Here I tell one important thing about Passport Status Check. it is not shown real-time status; because you will not see the real-time Passport Status.

Therefore, here shown the same thing for a long time. So, do not panic you will be seen after a few days where is your passport.

If your police verification has been cleared, you get a massage or a mail from the Passport Office.

Here many times shows Pending for physical police verification at respective Thana under SP Office people get confused for this

Because This shown after the police verification. They think her police verification is over, after that why showing this kind of status.

I already said that it does not show the real-time status. For which you should wait for a few days

If it shows the same status even after 2 weeks, then you will understand that your police verification has failed due to some reason.

Because of which this status was showing. Then you will have to take a reappointment for the normal process of passport application.

How To Apply For Passport Online

You do not need to pay money again for the Passport reappointment. If you pay for the passport once

then you can take three appointments through it; is called passport reschedule.

Whatever the reason is; if you pay once for passport and it does not complete the process.

Means passport police verification is not cleared. Then, you can take three appointments through this fee.

If your process is not complete at the first time. Then find that region why not complete your passport process?

After that apply for again or else your second appointment also not complete the same region. If there is any problem in your document, even then you will not get the passport.

Another important thing, passport money is not refundable. If you pay for a passport once, you will not get that money back.

If have any questions regarding this, you can feel ask by comments in the below comment box.

Passport Status Check Video

Passport Status Check
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