How Passport Track speed Post

If you want to know how Passport track speed post. Come to the right place I will show step by step process, how you can Passport Speed Post Track.

Before go ahead here I tell you one most important thing. When your passport process was complete

Like after passport police verification they will send a tracking ID by message or email. If you don’t complete the process of passport.

They do not send the tracking ID if you complete, then check your phone number or email ID.

If you get that passport tracking ID then you can go ahead. Below I give an example of the message.

How Passport Track speed Post

Passport Track speed Post

  1. After that come to the Indian Speed Post official website. Because passport will come only through the speed post, visit the Indian Speed Post website which is above given.
How Passport Track speed Post

2. Here just put the taking ID that you get by mail or SMS and below fill the Evaluate the Expression.

3. After that, you will see all the details about your Passport track speed post. Like where your passport came and where have.

How Passport Track speed Post

Note that, your passport should only come to you within 3 days through Speed ​​Post. If there is any mistake then it may take more days.

So, for that first check here and find out where your passport is, then contact him, because often due to some technical issue this problem occurs.

But normally it arrives at home within 3 days. If you have given the correct address.

Often Passport applicant does not give the full home address like House Number, Lane No, Land Mark etc, only given the area address.

The postman comes to your area and they asked someone your name and if they don’t know you by your The Postman will come back

at this situation some people passport stops at the post office. If this has happened to your passport. Then you can take it from the Post office after checking.

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One more important thing. Whenever you take the packet of your Passport. You should check very carefully that there is no torn from where the passport can come out if there is any such mark that your passport has been taken out.

So, your document may get tampered; if this happens you should immediately complain. If you don’t may have to face problems

Because the Passport is a very important document. People can also take advantage of your document.