How To Reschedule Passport Appointment

For whatever reason, if you want to reschedule passport appointment. Here I show step by step. Many people are unable to further process at the first passport appointment, due to some problems like documents issue or a lot of people also have difficulty in police verification.

But when go again to Passport Seva Portal then need to do this passport re appointment process. Otherwise, you cannot get re appointment by going directly visiting on PSK (Passport Seva Kendra).

How to Reschedule Passport appointment

  1. For reschedule passport appointment visit the official passport website and click on ‘Existing user login.’

2. Put your login ID most of the people use email id as a login ID, make sure here you enter that ID of the passport you want to reschedule and then click continue.

3. Next, enter your password and below put Above captcha and then click on the logging in. Here I tell you one more thing if you forgot your password then you can recover your password by clicking on ‘having trouble login.’

4. After that, you automatically login in your account click on the left-side view saved/submitted application.

5. Then you will see your ARN number and your name and left-side tick on the box. If you have applied for multiple passports from the same account, then select that one, you want to reschedule.

After that, you will see some options are visible below. So, you have to click on Payment and Appointment and then click on the ‘schedule appointment for application submission’ below.

6. Now you see your application reference number, name and date of birth below click next button.

7. Here you select your RPO office, remember one thing choose the right passport office. After selecting RPO, fill the captcha that shown in your screen and click on Next button.

  • If any error has come like service not available it means that PSK you select that is not valid. Here you can get more than one passport office with the same name, try all because all are not valid only one is valid passport office location.
  • Select the second PSK location and fill again Capture and then click the Next button. If you select valid PSK location, the first time then you will not get this error. Automatically you will go to the next step page.

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8. After that, you will have to select the appointment date. Here if you click directly on the ‘book appointment.’ You will have to go to the Passport Office for the date that will be automatically selected.

But if you click in the select another appointment date below, then you will get the option to choose more appointment dates. There you can also choose a different date.

The date which will be seen in green colour will be available to you. So, select one of them and click on the ‘book apartment.’

9. Following page, you will see your all-important information like reference number, name, date of birth, appointment date, time and appointment id just click on below ‘Print application receipt.’

10. Again, you will get more information about your passport applied, you just click on the below ‘Print application receipt.’

If you want to get appointment information on your mobile by SMS you can click here ‘get appointment SMS’ then you will get appointment information on your phone by message.

I suggest you click on the print application receipt because It is possible that you will get appointment information through SMS it may be deleted from your phone. Therefore, you print out that form and take when you visit the passport office.

11. After click on Print application receipt, then a small page will come. that page click on ‘OK’ button.

12. Now you will get your appointment form, scroll down the page and click on ‘Print application receipt.’ Then save it in your local drive or print out directly from here.

  • If some reason you are not getting the appointment form or you have lost it, then you can login with your login ID to get it again and then click on View Saved/Submitted Application.
  • Tick on the select box then below some options will be visible. Click on ‘Print application receipt’ then you will get again that appointment form.

Here I tell a very important thing for this process, you don’t need to pay any money, you pay earlier appointment time now for reschedule passport appointment don’t need any payment.

How To Reschedule Passport Appointment Video

Watch this video on YouTube.

Forgot Passport login ID password?

If you forgot your passport login ID password then you can reset or recover your password, but if you forgot your login ID then you cannot recover forgotten Passport login ID. You can reset your forgotten passport login ID password.

How many times reschedule passport appointment?

Passport reschedule appointment are allowed up to three times only within a year, but that’s only after the first appointment and an application.


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