Scanning App For Mobile Phone – App For Scanning Documents

Phone scanning app is the necessary tools in today’s life; because everywhere going to digitization therefore documents also gone digitize.

Therefore Scanning app is the must if these scanner app have in your phone, then you can quickly transfer any paper to a digital copy or data in just few seconds.

You can use this document again and again in your daily life; as well as many organization or sectors provides their barcode if you want this kind of barcode scan you need to a scanner app.

Otherwise you can’t scan. Here I tell you both kind of scanner and which most popular scanning app.

Scanning App For Mobile Phone - App For Scanning Documents
  1. Adobe Scan: PDF & Business Card Scanner.

This scanning app create by Adobe with OCR technology, quickly recognize handwriting text and print text.

In this scanner app you can turn anything; documents, business cards, receipts etc – into a PDF and you can reuse from each PDF.

It is a free Android phone scanning app you can make anything scannable.

In this scanner app have advanced technology therefore automatically detects your documents borders and make sharpens scanned content.

after scan documents from your phone camera. it’s a PDF or normal high-quality picture; you can crop, rotate, preview and adjust colour etc.

This scanning app can be used as a library book scanner and even lets you scan multi page and save in a single file.

2. QR & Barcode Scanner.

This Scanner app is the fastest QR and barcode scanner it is useful app for mobile phone.

Barcode code Scanner is easy to use because it will automatically detect and scan that you want.

No need to any adjust or press any buttons it simply scans. This scanner app read all QR code like product, text, contact, Wi-Fi, location, email etc.

After scan it will automatically decoding. you only provided relevant options for individual Barcode type and right action.

You can use this Scanner also scan coupon code and compare price this will help to buy at right price.

3. Scanner App To PDF.

This Scanner app is a Camera document scanner app with high quality PDF creator.

Automatically detects documents when you open camera in this scanner app and you can apply many filters for create quality document file.

Because it has multi filters therefore make the best file when you scan a document file.

In this scanner you can easily manage your scanned documents that create at this scanner app.

You can also make multiple image format buy this scanner live PDF, PNG and JPG etc formats; as well as this Scanner App support multiple language.

After scanned you can backup your document on your favorite online Cloud Services like Google Drive, Dropbox and other Cloud.

4. Notebloc PDF Scanner App.

This scanner app scanned as well as save and share that scan like paper documents, sketches, pictures receipts etc.

You can also save you documents to PDF, JPEG and PNG formats and supporting unlimited usage.

This have a unique feature that is you can add multiple pages in your one document and organize in a folder; it’s also supports multiple languages.

This scanner automatically detects your documents 90-degree angles or automatically detects page edges.

After that you can crop your scanned copy that you scan directly inside this is scanner app

after scanned you can share your document by mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox etc.

5. Simple Scan.

This scanner is a PDF document scanner app that turns your mobile into a portable scanner device.

you directly scan pictures, documents and receipts etc; it has variety of image processing mode you can also adjust this manually.

It will automatically delete the clutter background. The scan copy you will be saved in your mobile phone, like Photos and PDF file format.

You Can also organize your scanned copy to a folder or share there are you want like social media online cloud.

This is only support Android version 4.4 and above version. You can also protect your document by password from this Scanner app.

6. Camera Scanner Image Scanner.

This scanner app turns your phone into a scanner device. If you want to make a high definition documents file.

Easily take your document from this app and make any kind of file that you want like JPG, PDF and share anywhere.

In This app have unique technology features therefore it will automatically capture your photo, documents, sketch etc edges, after that you can also crop from this app.

7. Barcode Scanner.

This is a powerful barcode generator that support many QR code formats. Barcode Scanner is simple and user friendly.

It will scan your QR code as soon as possible and provide information that barcode. if your barcode only just contains text it will immediately show that have in your code.

8. Document Scanner Pro.

This is a new Document Scanner app for mobile phone. It is a universal tool to scan any document or file and share multipage documents in PDF or JPEG file format.

This app scan barcode and QR code using by mobile camera, it has a unique feature therefore quickly scanning anything.

All these above scanner app uses mobile camera and turn to your mobile into a portable packet scanner. Anything you scan like business Card, Bill, Invoice, Memo, Contract, Script, Letter, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Note, Article, Certificate, Identity Documents, PPT and Book etc. All these above information are only for educational purpose and my own experience.